Rollin Budz RBZSF1100-01

Otis Scent Free Bag

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The Otis bag from Rollin Budz is the perfect place to stash your goods without the worry of any scent escaping from the inside. The Otis is fully lined with premium activated carbon technology for superior multi-purpose odor protection. The childproof lock allows for peace of mind that your stash remain a secret. Complete with interior Velcro dividers, this is the ultimate smoking accessory! 


  • Premium activated carbon technology
  • Thermal lining
  • Combination zipper lock
  • Customizable Velcro dividers
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Carrying handle
  • Durable fabric
  • Dimensions: 8"x4"x3"


1. Put the dials at their original numbers 0-0-0 | 2. Press the reset button down with a tool until you hear a click | 3. Set your combination by turning the dials to your desired number | 4. Push the button with the arrow in, and the reset button will click back into place | Your personal combination is now set!